Apart from providing care to the aged, Chiranthana also serves people suffering from cancer, parkinsons, muscular distrophy, paralysis and the physically challenged in its Home for Aged and Disabled.

Taking care of the aged and disabled is not the only objective of Chiranthana. The trust also aims at creating awareness among the public and to work for the all-round cultural development. In this regard, the institution has taken up many social service activities. A few of them can be cited herebelow -



Sri Dheerendranath Bhattacharya  was felicitated by 'U. Gangadhar Bhat' chairman, Sathya Sai Loka Seva Trust Alike, on behalf of Chiranthana Charitable Trust  at the  Fund raising programme of Chiranthana held at Vittal on 7th March 1999

Sri Kolyuru Narayana Bhat, the resident of Chiranthana being felicitated by havyaka sabha, Mangalore

Kolyooru Narayana Bhat , a resident of Chiranthana,  is a famous Yakshagana artist. he served in kateelu Mela, Dharmasthala Mela, Koodlu Mela, Sunkadakatte Mela  etc for around 55  years and is retired from his field for the last few years




FREE EYE CAMP - Mar 2002

Dr. Govindaraj and his team from The  Mangala Nursing Home had conducted free yearly eye check up for the inmates of Chiranthana on 13th March 2002.


Chiranthana Charitable Trust (R) organised a Medical Camp on 18 Jan 2004 at Chiranthana Old Age Home premises from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. This camp was held in association with Mangala Charitable Trust (R), Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala Gramabhivrdhi Yojane, Inner Wheel Surathkal, KUDCEMP and Mangalore Corporation.

Over 300 people participated in the camp and took benefit of it. 16 eminent doctors from 8 departments provided their service.

Dr. P. Govindaraj, leading Ophthalmologist from Mangalore, inaugurated the function. The camp started immediately after the short informal inaugural session, which facilitated in providing medical service to more number of people.





A free dental check-up camp was held at Surathkal on 11 December 2005. The camp was inaugurated by Sri. Ramananda Rao. 

Doctors from A B Shetty College of Dental Sciences provided their services to 135 patients from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm.

Medicines and toothpaste was also distributed free of cost to the patients.

The programme was organised by Chiranthana in association with social service organisations of Surathkal like Rotary Club, Inner Wheel Club, Havyaka Parishath, Jaycees and SKDRDP Mangalore.

The initiative for this camp was taken-up Dr. Arvind Bhat, Dental Surgeon, Surathkal, who personally guided the activities at the camp.


FREE EYE CAMP - Dec 2006 -

On Dec 29, 2006, Chiranthana organised an Free Eye Treatment Camp in association with the Association for the Blind (Mangalore), Inner Wheel Club, Surathkal and Shankarananda Seva Trust (R) Udupi.

In a very brief formal function, Smt. Sumathi Pangal explained about the various activities of the Association for the Blind.

Check-up and Treatment was provided free of cost by eminent doctors - Dr. Hrishikesh Amin and Dr. Devaki. Nearly, 175 were treated in this camp.

Also, the provision included (all free of cost) -


80 persons
Medicines 63 persons
Operations 32 persons at KS Hegde Hospital, Deralakatte and
Fr. Mullers Hospital, Mangalore


Chiranthana, has been organising Memory check up camps for the residents in order to control Dementia in the old age.
Dr. Srinivas Bhat, Dr. Sathish Rao and Dr. Anish Bhat from K.S Hegde Hospital, have helped as resource persons in the camps.








Facilitating Financial Help to Cancer Patients

Chiranthana Facilitates Financial Aid to 6 cancer patients .

Chiranthana helped for the treatment of Cancer in 6 children from poor Socio-Economical background, from the remote areas of South Canara and Udupi District.

Being a facilitator, Chiranthana identified genuinely deserving children and helped in providing them financial assistance for the treatment of cancer.

After studying the chances of cure in all the identified cases and estimating cost for the same, Chiranthana selected 6 deserving children, amongst whom the Rs 90,000 is distributed.

Chiranthana’s guest Joerg Stimpfig from Germany sponsored Rs.1,00,000 for the purpose. Being an executor for a Will of his client Henrich Knoll who died of cancer. Stimpfig finds India a better place for such help. He finds even a small amount of money like 1 lakh in India values much more than in Germany.

So far, Mr. Stimpfig has helped 22 children in Germany, Bangalore and Mangalore .

Dr. A T K Rau, Dr. Krishna Prasad from KMC Attavar,
Dr.Sri Kiran Hebbar from Manipal.
Dr. Savitri Daithota, (Managing Trustee, Shankarananda Seva Trust, Udupi),
Dr. Prashanth, Dr. Subrahmanya
helped the team in identifying the deserving poor kids suffering from cancer
mainly Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) and , Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma.
. Name of the Patient Sex Age Type of the Cancer
Total estimated cost of treatment
Religion Amount
1Ashalatha Puttur, DK F 17 yrs ALL 2 lakhs Hindu Rs. 15,000/-
2 Varun Bengre, Mangalore M 10 yrs ALL 2.5.lakhs Hindu Rs. 20,000/-
3 Roshan Ferrao, Alike M 12 yrs ALL 2 lakhs Christian Rs. 20,000/-
4 Lingappa Shambhur, Bantwal M 15 yrs NHL 2.5 lakhs Hindu Rs. 15,000/-
5 Sharif Vittal, Bantwal tq M 17 yrs NHL 1 lakh Muslim Rs. 10,000/-
6 Ashlesh V Shenoy Kundapur M 3 yrs ALL 1 lakh Hindu Rs. 10,000/-

Remaining 10,000/- will be either used for the follow up ( i.e if any of the above beneficiaries badly deserves more money) or will be used for another deserving kid.


Financial Aid to a Cancer Patient

Chiranthana also provided an aid of Rs. 1,000 to Miss Pavithra (D/o Ramanna Kulal), a cancer patient (right foot) from Puncha Village, Bantwal Taluk. She is aged about 15  years.







Distribution of Uniform to two of the school going children

On 14th February 2006 during Baarayya Beladingale organised at Shubhagiri Hall, Surathkal two students namely Srinidhi and Shrisha were encouraged by giving them two pairs of uniforms.

 Mr. Kiran from GMR Varalakshmmi Foundation, Mangalore and Sri M. V. Subrahmanya handed over the uniforms to the children.




Chiranthana Charitable Trust (R) provided scholorship to Miss. Kavya for her education in Govt. Pre-University College Mangalore. Sri T Shyam Bhat, DC, Udupi, handed over the cheque to Miss Kavya.








Since December 2004, Chiranthana Charitable Trust (R) has taken-up the responsibility of organising free self-employment training programmes. So far, it has organised several such programmes for the general public as well as SHGs in-and-around Surathkal.

At the end of the series of such programmes, Chiranthana plans to establish a link between the trainees and the banks to develop the small scale home industries.

The Programs include -
1. "Incense Stick" making & Decorative Wax Work
2. Phenyle making
3. Liquid & Bar Soap making
4. Community reach program





Though over 75% of the residents in Chiranthana are disabled and bedridden, the institution has been trying to provide an outing to those who can walk and move around.  





Chiranthana has visited a few other old aged homes and rehabilitation centers and helped the residents by arranging antertainment programmes or by donating cloths or by destributing fruits and sweets.


Wheel Chair Donation  :  On 22 Nov 2004 Chiranthana donated a wheel chair to "Cheshire Homes India" Mangalore Unit.






"Kavana Kannadi" a collection of poems of Shyamala Navakana was released on 29 November 2004. Shyamala Navakana, a parkinson diseased, was a resident of Chiranthana since 2001. She passed away inthe year 2008 and donated her body to KMC, Mangalore.





Medical Talk Series by Dr. Savithri Daithota at -
*  Chiranthana - on treating common health problems using domestic plants & herbs and the edibles commonly found in almost all kitchens.
*  Govinda Dasa College, Surathkal -on Home Remedies
*  Inner Wheel Club, Surathkal - on Gynecological Problems
Demonstration & talk on superstitious blind beliefs by Prof Shankar, Udupi.
A world renowned magician, he conducted this awareness programme wherein he demonstrated many tricks used by fake "tantriks" to fool people and swindle money from them.
The third one was Dr. Pallathadka Keshava Bhat’s talk on ’Daily Food Habits’. In his discourse, he explained about various affects of most of our daily food products and also suggest healthy food habits.
    The fourth one was a workshop on Legal Awareness. It was conducted by Advocate Sudha V. S., Mangalore on 17th March 2006. It was attended by over 350 women from local SHGs.  
Chiranthana has been associating itself with Shree Kshetra Dharmasthala Gramabhivrudhi Yojane and participating in their Ani-Alchoholism Camps.
Chief Advisor - Prof Shankar, has been providing magical presentation on various anti-addiction messages and has participating in major camps in the district. He has been doing this free of charge as part of the social service activities.